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Company Profile

Elmatic (Cardiff) Ltd
Elmatic (Cardiff) Ltd is truly a family business. Started by Franz Skalitzky & Cyril Hodges in 1949, it’s currently owned by their two sons John Skalitzky and Alun Hodges.
Since 1949 the company has grown steadily, supplying heating elements across the UK. Today we are one of the leading British Manufacturers of Industrial Heating Elements, employing approximately 75 people.
Elmatic Location
Based in Cardiff, South Wales, we produce our stock in a superbly equipped 45,000 sq. ft. factory. Our skilled and experienced technical staff are happy to answer any questions or to advise you on which type of heater would be most suitable for your application.
With an international reputation for excellence, we are the major suppliers to many of the leading OEM's in the UK and Europe- and our ties with the plastics and rubber industries are second to none. We are committed to continually developing our manufacturing methods, ensuring that our products provide the best performance.
Elmatic Products
As well as Solar Water Heater Systems, immersion heaters, cartridge heaters and many more, we also specialise in manufacturing for a large variety of Engineering Projects for, among others, the Packaging, Pharmaceutical and Catering Industries.
Our ever-expanding product range includes Mica Bands / Mica Plates, Cartridge Heaters, Solar Modules, and Ceramic Knuckle Heaters. Tubular Rod / Immersion Heaters in Incoloy, Stainless Steel or Mild Steel, 3.2mm, 5.mm, 7mm SQ Coiled Heaters, not to mention a large selection of Thermocouples
We are committed to maintaining our reputation of excellence and have a strong focus on future improvements and developments. With the very latest CAD/CAM technology and constant improvements to our plant, contemporary techniques are always being applied to our production process, resulting in improved quality and shorter lead times. We manufacture the majority of our components in-house, therefore we can offer a controllable and responsive customer service. Our commitment to quality is total and all our systems comply with BS EN ISO 9001-9002.
When it comes to deliveries, most items are available in 7-10 working days. However, Elmatic do offer additional emergency services for customers who are in a breakdown situation. This includes a 48hr services on Mica products, Cartridge Heaters and Ceramic Knuckle Heaters and a 7 day service on our range of Sheath Wire Incoloy Heaters.
We look forward to being of service to you in the very near future, and can assure you that we will do our utmost to ensure that you are satisfied.

Contact us:

Wentloog Rd
Tel: (029) 2077 8727
Fax: (029) 2079 2297
VAT Registration Number: 134720196
Company Registration Number: 712687


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