Friday, July 15, 2011


Japan has been a leading manufacturer of fuel efficient, reliable vehicles since before 1970. The Japanese 4x4 mini truck are a logical extension of that technology, now available to meet the growing challenges of the US market. The hauling capacity combined with the 4x4 makes these a very inexpensive alternative to larger trucks or utility vehicles. Combined with comfort, security and weather protection of the cabs, for people and sensitive gear, these units fill the needs of many for a small investment. The uses for this unique 4wd Japanese mini truck range from:
Hunting, fishing or outdoor activities
Golf courses, parks and zoos
Campgrounds and Marinas
Corporate and University campuses
Manufacturing and maintenance yards
Airports and hangers
Farms of all types
Importation and Availability
FTC Inc.has a longstanding relationship with only the finest Japanese used equipment exporters. FTC Inc. is one of the largest importers of used Japanese mini trucks in the nation. With this buying power combined with the long relationship, Japanese Mini can offer undoubtedly the finest and best selection of used Japanese mini trucks available. Whether you want just one for personal use or a entire container, Japanese Mini Trucks' prices, selection and quality cannot be beat. Period.
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