Sunday, July 31, 2011


Clean Air Gardening might never have come into existence if Lars Hundley, the president, hadn't been too cheap and environmentally conscious to buy a gasoline powered lawnmower to take care of the yard at a house he was renting back in 1997.

When the spring of 1999 rolled around, Clean Air Gardening had a domain name, accepted credit cards, and was off to the races. Lars had been researching other cool environmentally friendly lawn and garden products he liked in the meantime, and was steadily adding those to the site too.

Sales kept growing and growing, as more customers discovered the web site and liked the products.

Then came Don, who took over the Dallas inventory and shipping operations. Lars' wife Andrea joined the company, followed by Angela, Craig, John, Libba, Lisa and Chris. We bought a building in Dallas, and made that our office and warehouse.

So, as you can see, we're no giant, faceless company. We're just a few people in Dallas, working as fast as we can to make sure that we have plenty of cool, useful, environmentally friendly lawn and garden supplies that we think you'll like. We work here because we love what we do, and wouldn't want to be doing anything else!
Contact us:
Tel: 214-819-9500
Mailing address:
Clean Air Gardening
2266 Monitor Street
Dallas, TX 75207

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