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Our History

Celebrating over 40 years of operations in the United States, Irvine, Calif.-based Toyota Material Handling, U.S.A., Inc., (TMHU) has been the number-one selling lift truck supplier in the U.S. since 2002 and currently offers a full line of high-quality forklift sold under the Toyota brand. Built on a reputation of excellence, Toyota remains popular due to its quality, reliability and durability. Quality is the hallmark of Toyota’s world-renowned Toyota Production System practiced at all Toyota manufacturing facilities, including Toyota Industrial Equipment Mfg., Inc. (TIEM) in Columbus, Ind. Most of the Toyota lift trucks sold in the United States are manufactured at TIEM.

All Toyota manufacturing plants in the U.S. and Canada comply with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001 standard. TIEM has been honored numerous times for its environmental management systems and dedication to continuous improvement, and remains the first and only manufacturer to offer EPA and CARB-certified Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) powered lift trucks.

Total Solutions Provider

Toyota is committed to being a total solutions provider, offering customers the solutions they need for a diverse range of material handling needs. Numerous design advancements and industrial equipment solutions that have improved the material handling process and enhanced the end-user experience, include:

    Integrated Scale – The new Toyota legal-for-trade integrated scaleallows operators to simultaneously weigh and transport loads, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced logistics expenses. An industry exclusive scale-mounted fork positioner option allows operators to quickly and precisely position the forks without leaving their seat.

    Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) – Toyota’s AGVs offer customers several benefits, including higher productivity, continuous operation, reduced product damage, improved process flow and the reduction of non-value-added activity.

    Fleet Management – Toyota’s Fleet Management Solution goes beyond simple reporting to actually analyzing your fleet and making the right recommendations to deliver a lean fleet. This lean-thinking approach ensures customers receive optimal fleet performance at the lowest possible cost of ownership.

    Aichi Aerial Work Platforms – A diverse product line of scissor lifts, crawler and wheeled boom lifts are designed specifically to meet a wide range of indoor and outdoor needs. Aichi’s scissor lifts feature an industry-exclusive AC drive system to provide leading performance with minimum service requirements.

Industry-Leading Safety

Toyota’s lift trucks offer improved visibility, ergonomics, productivity and durability, and most importantly, the industry’s leading safety technology.

The company’s System of Active Stability™ (SAS) helps reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, minimizes the potential for product and equipment damage, and increases overall productivity levels.

SAS senses various factors that lead to lateral instability and potential lateral overturn. When those conditions are detected, SAS instantly engages the Swing Lock Cylinder to stabilize the rear axle, changing the lift truck’s stability footprint from triangular in shape to rectangular. The resulting increase in stability substantially reduces the likelihood of a lateral overturn. The Active Control Rear Stabilizer or the Active Mast Function Controller also adds stability and helps avoid accidents or injuries.

SAS catapulted Toyota into the industry leader for safety when it was first introduced on the 7-Series internal combustion models in 1999. Since then, SAS has been integrated into the majority of Toyota’s internal combustion models and is standard equipment on the new 8-Series.

There are more than 150,000 SAS-equipped lift trucks in the field with over 450 million hours of operation. With an increased population of SAS-equipped trucks in the field and in conjunction with mandatory operator training, overturn fatalities across all brands have decreased by 13.6 percent since 1999.1 In addition, there has been an overall 35.5 percent reduction industry wide in overturn, collision, loss of control and falls from a lift truck for the same period.2

Toyota’s uncompromising safety commitment extends beyond technology. The company offers extensive Operator Safety Training programs to help customers meet and exceed OSHA standard 1910.178. Training programs, materials and videos covering a wide scope of topics—from OSHA regulations, to surface and load conditions, to personal safety—are available through the dealer network.
Electrically Charged, Environmentally Driven

The future is electric. In an effort to help meet the growing demand for cleaner running electric lift trucks, Toyota recently introduced the 8-Series, 4-wheel AC-powered electric forklift line. The AC-powered system is comprised of a series of subsystems – conserving energy and regenerating power to extend battery run time and maximize operational productivity between battery charges. With up to 21 percent faster travel speeds, the new 8-Series minimizes the performance gap with its internal combustion counterparts. Now customers can have the best of both worlds – a powerful and environmentally friendly lift truck made exclusively here in the United States.
Made in America with Pride

For more than 20 years, Toyota has been proud to provide our customers with high quality products built at the award-winning Toyota Industrial Equipment Mfg., Inc. (TIEM) facility based in Columbus, Ind. A zero-landfill facility, TIEM manufactures the majority of Toyota’s lift trucks sold in North America.
Industry-Leading Dealership Network

Toyota lift trucks are backed by proven product support from an industry-leading network of dealers who offer a broad range of resources including: factory-trained service technicians, Toyota Genuine Parts, Toyota Certified Used Equipment and flexible financing packages through Toyota Financial Services. A nationwide network of 68 authorized Toyota dealers with 190 locations work together to offer industry-leading sales, service and parts support to fulfill all of its customers’ material handling needs.

Contact Us
To speak with a Toyota Industrial Equipment representative within the continental United States, please contact:

Sales Hotline: (800) 226-0009
Toyota Financial Services: (800) 541-2315
Other Inquiries: (800) 381-5879


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