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LED bulbs and lights have 5 very significant advantages over other types of home and commercial lighting:

1. Each LED Light Can Last You 17 Years or More.

The 17 year lifespan assumes you have your LED light turned on an average of 8 hours each and every day. Remarkably, the average lifespan of home & commercial LED lights is 25 times longer than the expected lifespan of your conventional incandescent light bulb, and 5 times longer than CFLs!! You’ll save countless hours shopping for and installing new bulbs, and even more importantly, you’ll only have to buy 1 LED light for every 25 traditional bulbs you would otherwise need to pay for.

2. You’ll Save Hundreds of Dollars in Electricity Costs.

LED lighting is extremely energy efficient. Depending upon which LED lamp you use, you can expect to save up to 93% on your monthly electricity bill. Over the 17 year lifetime of an LED bulb, this can amount to energy savings of up to $300 for each LED light you use.

Assume you have 20 bulbs in your home or office. The Graph to your right illustrates the much lower electricity costs you’ll incur by using PAR 30 5 watt LEDs, as compared to using 12 watt CFLs, or 45 watt incandescents.

Then, in the Charts below, in addition to the electricity cost savings referred to in the Graph, we have also factored in the additional costs of your having to purchase replacement bulbs. The Charts utilize the 17 year expected lifetime of LED bulbs. In the first Chart we calculate the expected total cost per bulb, comparing LEDs to both CFLs and incandescents. And in the second Chart, we show the total expected savings based on having 20 bulbs in your home or office.

3. You Will be Helping Your Health - and the Environment.

Unlike incandescents and flourescent lights, LED lighting contains no mercury (an extremely dangerous and toxic substance for both humans and our environment). They also provide no UV emissions (in contrast to flourescents and CFL lights) which can cause skin cancer and premature aging.

And, because each LED bulb lasts so long, there are far fewer lights to dispose of into our local landfills and dumps.

4. LED Lights Are Not Annoying.

LED lights operate silently. You won’t be forced to listen to the incessant humming or ticking associated with other types of lighting. And they don’t flicker on and off. Flickering lights commonly lead to eye strain and headaches.

5. LED Lighting is Both Extremely Safe and Durable.

Because LEDs bulbs use most of their energy to produce light (as opposed to the significant amount of heat generated by other lighting alternatives), home and commercial LED lights operate at a very cool temperature - that means they don’t become a burnt finger of fire hazard. And due to their being manufactured with solid state components (rather than with filaments and fragile glass), they are very durable and safe.

Additionally, you’ll find that LED lights and lamps turn on to their full brightness level instantaneously. You won’t experience the delay in lighting common with fluorescents and some halogen lighting, which delay can lead to your stumbling around in the dark while waiting for the lights to come on.
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