Friday, July 15, 2011


Saint Clair Die Casting

If relentless dependability and quality is your prerogative, then St. Clair Die Casting is surely the place you are looking for to fulfill all your die casting needs. With quality service and state of art technology, we indeed claim to be the market leader in providing quality castings to our customers all over the world. Of its several manifestations, the automotive die casting has been our forte over the last many years.
Why Our Die Casting Services Are the Best?

At St. Clair Die Casting, we don’t just stop at taking your order and delivering your products. We are there for you at every step right from your preferred selection of die casting, aluminum die casting, zinc die casting products and services to post-order phase. In brief, once you become our customer, we are with you every step on the way. Our expert team of customer care service executives conducts an end-of-project review, measuring ourselves against defined performance criteria and utilizing your feedback to identify the desired changes. The automotive industry too makes huge use of our automotive die casting as it offers light weight precision parts.
How Do We Achieve Excellence in Our Die Casting Services?

As mentioned before, we at St. Clair Die Casting work shoulder-to-shoulder with you up front, in the design and development phase, to make sure the most innovative and creative solutions can be implemented that match your needs and expectations. Indeed, we employ a “Partners in Progress” review with you regularly to make sure our die casting performance is fulfilling your expectations.

And this does not stop at you, we include everyone who has a stake in the process – from your front office to your shop floor -- in that ongoing review process, to make sure we are delivering on your expectations at every level and in every phase.

Whether it’s your normal die casting needs or your automotive die casting requirements, try us to believe us! And we assure you long term reliability, and quality. To know more about our products and services, you can call our Customer Service at Dixie Just: 636 629-2550 x149 or our Sales/Marketing - Mike Hemphill: 314 825-0891.


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