Sunday, July 17, 2011


With a special attention to design and comfort, Rhythm has successfully built its own customer base in the UK market in the past year. Rhythm’s inspirational style is for people who love dancing and have a high passion for lives.
Rhythm is focused on dance shoes for Salsa, Ceroc, Chacha, Rumba and all kinds of latin and ballroom dance. We have different designs and heel heights, as well as customised order available to suit requirement for different level of dancers. Our customers include dance professionals, intermediate dance lovers as well as dance beginners. Rhythm not only brings innovative designs to the market, but also works on providing affordable dance shoes to encourage more people enjoy dancing.
Dancing is a way of celebrating lives, becoming more fit and socialising with new and old friends. Innovation, passion and concentration to detail are forefront within Rhythm. To date, Rhythm carried forward its mission and aim to continue providing high quality and affordable dance shoes for people who love dancing. Rhythm endeavours to satisfy every single customer. All your feedback will be highly valued as Rhythm looks forward to providing high quality dance shoe products to satisfy all dance lovers.

Contact us:
63 Kelvin Gate
RG12 2TN
United Kingdom
Phone  0044 1344 300 600

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