Sunday, July 31, 2011


The Perfect Garden Tool System is bringing back the joy of gardening!

The Perfect Garden Tool was developed in 2006 by avid gardener and successful entrepreneur Ray Miller. After a heart attack, Ray had a personal need to return to gardening as part of his physical rehabilitation. He quickly discovered that his old tools were too heavy and painful to use. In fact, he found that the traditional tools he was trying to use in his backyard's decorative gardens were actually created centuries ago for day laborers. Ray was shocked to learn this and felt it was high time gardening tools stepped into the 21st century. He extensively researched ergonomics and conceived a new tool system to meet the needs of today's wiser, more educated home gardener.

The Perfect Garden Tool System was born!

Designed for every gardener -- no matter age, sex, stature or health -- The Perfect Garden Tool System consists of 4 handles and multiple activity-specific tool head attachments that:

* maximize leverage and power
* improve balance and safety
* minimize muscular & skeletal stress
* eliminate/reduce blisters

Today the Perfect Garden Tool is a product of Ultimate Gardening LLC
Contact us:
By Mail:Perfect Garden Tool
5430 LBJ Freeway
Suite #1575
Dallas, TX 75240
By Phone:Local: 972-243-3232
Toll free: 888-315-3232
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