Sunday, July 24, 2011


LED Displays International is a LED display screen manufacturer and global wholesaler of large outdoor and indoor full color electronic LED matrix display screens, LED signs and LED screens used for mayor advertising campaigns; placed next to highways, or LED message and video displays for football stadiums, electronic arrival and departure airport displays signs, LED screen displays for schools or shops and malls to highlight products and services.

Many companies can rely on our LED display screens due to the advanced high quality and technology of its LED panels, prices and guarantee. Our LED screen displays can be used in daylight without loosing its display quality, the brightness is up to 8000 Nits. Our LED lamp are also easy to install, such as the use of our led displays for large outdoor concerts during the day.

About the founders of Led tube light International
LED Displays International, which actual name is DMX Technologies or DMX TEC, was found in mid 2005 by Alejandro Rodriguez and Richard Meijs of the companies CNMX and NeoMinds Consulting, and started its operations in the beginning of 2006. CNMX is a Mexican trade company that has been importing retail goods from China for several years and specialized in large led display signs. NeoMinds Consulting is a Dutch marketing and business consulting firm that has been doing market investigations and marketing projects for several years for different kinds of industries and clients based in Latin America, Europe, Asia and the USA.
Contact us:
Add:62 E. Serene #129 Las Vegas Nevada

89123, United States
+1 (702) 997-2252
Español: +1 (702) 448-6688


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