Wednesday, July 27, 2011


A World of Production:

OMEGA's extensive world- wide inventory ensures off- the-shelf delivery. We have an unmatched record of getting you the products you need, when and where you need them; we'll even inventory specific products just for you. Many of the products that we sell we make in the U.S.A. in OMEGA's state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.
At OMEGA, our philosophy is to offer quality products as well as complete systems.
Our selection of more than 100,000 products is unparalleled, but what's even more impressive is how they can be integrated into complete systems.
Whether your area of process measurement and control involves temperature, pressure, strain, data acquisition, pH, conductivity, flow and level or electric heaters, OMEGA has the products that are right for you!
Each engineering discipline has a corresponding specialty handbook published by engineers for engineers which contains complete information on OMEGA's product lines as well as extensive technical data to support almost any application!

Dedicated People:
Our extraordinary family of employees, comprised of individuals who represent the very best in their fields, contributes to the OMEGA distinction. The talent of each and every OMEGA employee is what makes our products and services stand out in the industry. Purchasing agents, technicians, scientists and engineers know they can trust OMEGA, because OMEGA hires only the most qualified people. The company takes great pride in its employees' professional growth, with a variety of on-going training and educational programs.

Satisfied Customers:
Our customers include some of the most prestigious corporations, institutions and governments around the world. They know that the OMEGA name on products, systems and our handbooks stands for unmatched quality and depend- ability!

Contact us:
Address:P.O. Box 405369
             Atlanta, GA 30384-5369
Fax:(203) 359-7879

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