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No one likes being ‘blinded with science’ and people will be pleased to hear that it’s something which, as a customer focused business, we avoid at all costs. When it comes to lighting for the domestic or commercial environment, we like to keep things simple and we’re sure this is something which prospective customers the length and breadth of the country will appreciate. In our genre, we are known to be one of the leading retailers in the UK and regardless of whether you’re looking for an E27 LED light bulb or G4 LED light bulb; you can trust us to come up with the goods. In recent times, lighting has undergone something of a revolution and thanks to advances in technology, the latest lighting solutions offer improved output, reliability and perhaps most importantly of all, enhanced efficiency. For anyone who’s looking to make savings on their energy bills, our extensive range of energy efficient products is sure to be of interest, because in no uncertain terms, our direct replacements will save you money. As far as we’re concerned, the needs of the customer are all important and when it comes to service and product knowledge, we firmly believe that we stand alone.
Well worth the investment

In this day and age, everyone wants to make savings and if those savings can be made without having a negative impact on your day to day life, then all the better. Make the switch to our energy efficient lighting solutions and you could well find your lighting bill reduced by up to a staggering 90%. In anyone’s book this is significant, but it’s also worth remembering that from a performance point of view, the latest products are equally as impressive. Irrespective of whether you’re looking for replacements for the kitchen cabinet, or you want an MR11 LED light bulb for the boat or caravan, we are the complete LED light bulbs UK supplier. Our philosophy is simple, we aim to offer a straightforward service, which offers the customer the ultimate in affordability and choice and as most will agree, we more than meet our goals. Because we buy our products in bulk, we are able to offer incredibly affordable prices and this is of course great news for anyone who wants to upgrade to the latest innovative lighting solutions. Blue chip investments are indeed hard to come by, but energy efficient lighting is certainly one investment that’ll give a handsome return.
Making the switch couldn’t be easier

Being as our products fit existing fittings, making the switch to a brighter and more energy efficient future really couldn’t be easier, so you really can begin reducing your energy consumption without any effort whatsoever! From everyday GU10 LED light bulbs to drivers and transformers, our blue chip operation offers lighting solutions for one and all. From an efficiency point of view, the facts and figures speak for themselves and with a life expectancy of up to fifteen years, switching from halogen to the latest technologies does indeed make perfect sense. Being available in two different colours, warm or cool white, means you can set the mood to suit your own requirements, so as well as famed efficiency, the consumer also gets the ultimate in flexibility. If you’re new to the idea of energy efficient lighting, it’s understandable you may have questions which need answering and if this is the case, we’re more than happy to provide the answers for you. Our knowledgeable team know all there is to know about MR16 LED light bulbs and this, in part, is what makes us one of the brightest retailers in the industry. With our help, making the switch couldn’t be easier.
Our selection of LED bulbs are designed to retrofit into existing light fittings and provide similar amounts of light to existing filament bulbs but with huge energy savings. Our product range varies from GU10 LED bulbs, G4 LED bulbs, MR11 LED bulbs, MR16 LED bulbs, E14 and E27 LED bulb. We are always looking and trying new models of LED bulbs to give you our customers the best performance and costs possible.

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