Monday, June 27, 2011

Ouken Rubber

rubber parts

Ouken Rubber was founded in the year 1999,specialized in custom rubber parts,rubber gasket and rubber seals products including rubber seals,rubber bellow,rubber roof flashing,rubber gasket,rubber washer,oil seal,valve stem seal,standard and non-standard o ring,with wide range of material including Silicone rubber, Natural rubber, Fluoroelastomers(Viton,FKM,FPM), Nitrile(NBR), EPDM, Neoprene(CR), ACM,and Fluorosilicone.which was all compounded by ourself,That's the why we have the competitive price.

Ouken Rubber have full production facilities including Vacuum vulcanizing machines,metal puncher, Optical vision measuring, Tensile tester, Oil seal tester,Aging tester, Oil seal radial force measuring,and all of our processes are controlled to ISO 9001:2000 standards. With growth of more then ten years, We are fully integrated, with capabilities from material compound , tool development to full production including technical support and aftersales service.
Ouken Rubber serve a large number of customers in a variety of industries,Typical Applications for Rubber Molded Products & Seal is as bellow:
Home Appliances:Gasket,o ring,Sealing,washer,spacer,bushing,cup,stopper,ect. Automotive:oil seal,valve stem seal,o ring,bushing,bumper, ect. Hydraulic Ouken Rubber<Industry:Gasket,Back-up Rings, Cup Seals,wiper seal,v ring,square ring Diesel Engines:Oil seal,valve stem seal,bushing,Valve Components ,bumper, Other Industry:Connector Seals,oil seal,molded gasket,bushing,bellow,boot,Couplings,Industrial Sealing,grommets, ect. Compressors:Components,Diaphragms Valves and Fluid sealing Vibration and shock isolators

Ouken Rubber also engaged in manufacture PTFE/teflon products including ptfe seals,ptfe gasket,ptfe washer,made from virgin PTFE/Teflon or filled PTFE like Carbon, Glass, Bronze, Graphite.

We have well-trained engineering team and over ten years of experience,you can trust Ouken Rubber to serve you professionally and It is our hope that we will build a great cooperation together with you,Let's begin with your inquiry,our business principle is "Mutual Profit".
Ouken Rubber
Add: zhengxing west road 80,yuyao,China
Tel: 86-574-62563567
Fax: 0086-574-62563597


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  2. PTFE seals and coatings are important in the pharmaceutical industry because they provide over braid seals and strength and ease when cleaning and purging the system.