Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Zhejiang LED Display Electric

Zhejiang LED Display Electric Co., Ltd. headquartered in Zhejiang, China, is high-tech enterprise, which integrates research, design, manufacturing, sale, service of LED Display,Indoor LED Display,Outdoor LED Display into one. Relying on professional personnel and technical elite and sticking to

the business philosophy of practicality, advance, innovation and credibility in combination of its rigorous attitude to products, it has become a well-known comprehensive LED display manufacturer both at home and abroad. It is committed to serving global LED

display customers and project contractors.

Relying on its powerful integration ability, Zhejiang LED Display Electric Co., Ltd. has established a strategic alliance relationship with many overseas raw material suppliers and vendors of LED panel light and achieved resource sharing, work division &

cooperation, mutual complementarity and efficient operation between modern enterprises. In the increasingly competitive markets, we have sincerely cooperated with those enterprises which stick to business principles and take responsibility for their users,

suppliers, employees and industrial development, so as to promote good development of LED panel light photoelectric industry. It also fully embodies that DSPL is not a simple commodity production organization, but a social service organization. The aim and mission of

DSPL is to meet the social requirements through its commodity, which provides substantive guarantee for achieving customer satisfaction.

Over the years,DSP to "good faith, innovation" as the operating concept of the market at home and abroad, has successfully completed hundreds of projects, set a zero return rate of the amazing record of customer satisfaction to 100%, excellent product

quality due to new management company and team spirit, but also depends on the following areas:

1) scientific production management
DSP management to scientific management methods and excellent professional skills, management procedures that we could achieve a more scientific and standardized system of implementation, clear responsibilities and authority to lead the rapid

development of company health.

2) improve the quality management system
DSP to ISO9001: 2000 quality management system based on a comprehensive quality management (TQM) and 6σ quality management as the guiding ideology, in September 2005 passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification, quality

management system covering the whole of life products cycle.

3) effective training system
Quality management began in education, and finally education, the adoption of a new staff induction training, indoctrination, "the quality of the future", "the first time to do a good job", "100% Customer Satisfaction" and other ideas to raise the awareness of Total

Quality. Through an organized and planned the job training to improve skills and quality of everyone.

4) strict control of the design
Design of new product development through adequate market research and feasibility analysis, design of a number of stages to go through a comprehensive assessment of multi-functional group, and through the entire process to verify the reliability of tests to

confirm and ensure the quality of product design.

5) advanced production testing equipment
Have different standards of testing rooms, car transport simulation shake table, high-precision photometric testing, alternating high and low temperature test chamber, EMC test equipment, aging equipment, special equipment, such as salt spray laboratories

for product quality assurance provided by the hardware.

6) a unique control method
The LED Flood light, color screen, the stability of products is crucial, at present, the majority of the market screen, color screen brightness attenuation is very obvious, in order to ensure the stability of each batch of product, reliability, each DSP a display unit and the

entire screen in addition to a rigorous design and manufacturing, as well as routine inspection, but also the introduction of long-term exploration and innovation by the accumulation of unique detection methods, such as the flush test, photometric testing, the

screen works testing, reliability testing, etc. to ensure that the user satisfaction, with satisfaction.

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