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In 32nd year of Guangxu emperor(A.D. 1906), He Luhao came back after learning glass manufacturing technique from Japan Tokyo Yancheng Saltpeter Factory(namely: Glass Factory) and established the first glassware factory in ChongqingLuhao Glassware Factory which glassblowing vase, sugar basin, tea service,ect. He was awarded gold prize and the first grade prize in Southeast Asia Labor Union and Panama Competition Commission respectively. As a result, the products got high reputation and were sold well.

In 1938, Li Wenbin and Jiang Xiangchen raised funds and employed Jiang Huizhou and Chen Donghua,ect of Shanghai Industry Glass Factory as well as many technicians in Shanghai and Dalian to Chongqing to establish Ruihua Glass Factory and China Glass Factory. Main products included packing bottle, chemical instrument, daily utensils, ect. Jiang Huizhou and Chen Donghua succeeded in production of pot, emery wheel and crystal materials, which promoted development of glass industry of Chongqing.

In 1948, Kang Shaotong opened Jianguo Glass Factory and adopted quartzitic sandstone melting glass to blow cup, vase and utensils, ect.

After liberation, Beibei Jianguo Glass Factory was taken over by the government and reformed to Beibei Chemical Glass Experiment Factory. In 1952, the factory was reformed to native State-owned Beibei Chemical Glass Factory and under administration of Industry Bureau in 1956 and renamed to Beibei Glass Factory; In September 1965, in order to implement adjustment policy of national economy, Beibei Glass Factory carried out specialized work division. Through nearly one hundred years development, Beibei Glass Factory enjoyed high reputation at home and abroad by high-quality products. careful work develop elaborate product, keep improving build world name brand. We will keep improving to develop a first-class daily glass utensils manufacturer in China even in the world.

The Beibei Glassware Factory, subsidiary company of Chongqing Light & Textile Holding Corporation(Group), has been operating for 50 years as a manufacturer of high quality glassware and glass bottles. It is located on the bank of the Jailing River of Beibei district in Chongqing. Covering an area of 47500m2 , construction area of 33400 m2 and having 9% technicians among 966 staff in roll, the factory has more than 300 sets of equipment with annual production capacity of 2.5 million glass utensils and 35 million high-grade packing bottles.

The factory adopts the traditional techniques to produce more than 3500 various kinds of glassware, Since 1965 the factory has exported glassware to more than 54 countries such as UK, USA and Japan. They were ever awarded silver prizes of national superior-quality products for three times. The package of the exported products also gained the titles of The Star of Asia and The Star of the world. The factory is the base of producing exported glassware fixed by Foreign Trade Ministry and Light Industry Ministry and also tries to be the leader of glass trade. In 2001, the quality system of Beibei Glassware Factory was certified with ISO9001.

In 2003, the stock ownership of Beibei Glassware Factory was transferred to Chongqing Light & Textile Holding Corporation(Group) which cooperated with Czechic GLASS-RUBS s.r.o and EAST Trade Limited s.r.o to build a joint adventure---Glass-RUBS(Chongqing)Co.,Ltd.. Locating along the beautiful Jialing River, this company is the first crystal glass utensils factory invested by the Czech Republic. Adopted the brand and technique of Bohemia Crystal with over one hundred years history of the Czech Republic and present up-to-date high technology in the worldcomplete electrocasting glass, gold, color-painting and decorative cutting in the crystal glassware, our products look brilliant and elegant. In modern society, it becomes the symbol of nobleness as well as an artistic treat. Our products are marketed in Europe, East Asia, America and Aistralia,ect 50-odd countries and areas as well as each big city of China. Glass-RUBS(Chongqing)Co.,Ltd. can manufacture high or intermediate grade glass packing bottle for wineries.

Introduction of Chongqing Light & Textile Holding Corporation(Group)

Chongqing Light & Textile Holding Corporation(Group), founded in August 2000 by reorganizing the former Chongqing Light Industry Bureau, Chongqing Textile Industry Bureau and Chongqing Building Materials Industry Bureau, is an asset working and operating organization, which is directly invested and founded by Chongqing Municipal Government. It is granted the sole right to supervise the management of the state-owned assets in the lines of light industry, textile, building materials in Chongqing. The corporation has 50 subsidiary companies with the total amount of state-owned assets reaching up to 780 million Yuan and an annual sales income of 500 million Yuan. Products from the corporation are mainly food and drinks, chemical articles of every use, silicate products, textiles, paper, parts of cars and motors, real estate and others.

The guiding principle of Chongqing Textile Holding Corporation is Production as the bases, assets working as the focus and assets operation as the aim and its business ideology is to establish a first level modern enterprise with humanistic management concepts. By vigorously carrying out reform in the enterprise, structural readjustment and assets reorganizing, an investment-oriented holding group is taking into shape, which will conduct its business according to the international rules and show a distinctive feature of multi-level structure, extensive production, flexible investment and diversification of assets. With the economic globalization as the background, such a group will surely make a leading enterprise in the lines of light industry, textiles and building materials in Chongqing.
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