Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Anpingxian LongBang metal trade Co., LTD. (the former anpingxian LongBang wire mesh factory) is located in China's silk screen base--hebei anpingxian, away from the capital Beijing 200 kilometers, east is near tianjin xingang port 220 kilometers, the geographical environment is superior, the traffic is convenient.

This company product specification complete, the quality is superior. The main products are: hulanwang Netherlands nets, blades, fishpots, stone cage nets, grassland fences, gouhuawang, steel nets, punching board nets, hex nets, welded wire mesh, crimped wire mesh, seats (MiWen nets) type nets, nylon nets, plastic flat nets, window screening, glass fiber grid cloth, barbecue nets, corner nets, side eye network, steel welding wire, wire, nets, stainless steel wire, etc.

DuoNian, LongBang company always produce the high quality silk screen product as the spirit of enterprise, to improve the product quality, enhance research and development ability as the direction of development of the enterprise, the science &technology innovation on the production and operation of the important position, make customer satisfaction is LongBang the highest standards of the company. All the products strictly follow the ISO9002 quality standard, the contract, keeping reputation, the heating wire products are sold well in Europe, South America, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Canada, Middle East, southeast Asia and many other countries and regions, enjoys high reputation in domestic and foreign market.
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Add: The West of Heping Street, Anping County,China

Tel: +86-311-89270450
Fax: +86-311-66699611
Email: longbang@supply-wiremesh.com
Web: http://www.supply-wiremesh.com

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