Thursday, August 4, 2011


Angus & Wright Ltd was established in 1991, in order to
supply the emerging European 'On Line' Market.

The Mail Order market in the USA was familiar with Coldseal, but the benefits were little appreciated in Europe. Angus & Wright was established to raise the profile of the Coldseal Material in Europe, and in particular the productivity that could be achieved when using Coldseal Machines.

Angus & Wright are the sole European distributors of System Packaging of Ohio. We now have many installations throughout The EC, supplying the largest range of System Packaging Coldseal Machinery, supported by a wide range of materials.

We remain a UK based company using Local Agents based throughout Europe, as well as French and German staff in the UK office. This enables detailed understanding of customer requirements to be quickly and efficiently communicated.

We believe the packaging system we market allows our customers to provide an enhanced service and
reduce costs.

Angus & Wright Ltd are committed to remain a market leader in the cohesive material industry. Our customers range from Distribution Centres to companies expanding into internet selling and distribution, Pick and Pack and Catalogue Companies.

Contact us:
Address:3 Winchester Street
Andover Hampshire SP10 2EA
Telephone: +44(0)1264 335334
Fax: +44(0)1264 335355

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