Wednesday, August 3, 2011


WesTrac has always been seen to offer the best product support in the industry. And this is something all Cat Dealers have worked hard to achieve over time.

When considering the phrase – Product Support – generally we think of Service Coverage & Parts Availability – the ability to call the dealer and fix a problem quickly.

At WesTrac, we still offer great coverage and short lead times when it comes to fast and efficient parts supply. However, we also provide our customers with an array of technological solutions and tailored packages that will help take your business to the next level.

This is what we refer to as “Equipment Management”.

We do not merely sell machines and provide product support. It is our aim to provide you with a total package that starts at machine selection, continues on to our comprehensive finance solutions, through to the monitoring of equipment and its vital statistics, to active participation in the maintenance process, to the ultimate sale of the machine at the end of the cycle.

Together, these elements form our Product Support solution we call the “Equipment Management Cycle”.

Through our Equipment Management expertise, you the customer will achieve higher equipment availability, longer equipment life, optimised life-cycle costs on equipment maintenance and improved cash flow planning, which will ultimately lead to higher profits for your business.

Contact us:
Delivery Address:
128 - 136 Great Eastern Highway
South Guildford WA 6055
Central Mailing Address:
Locked Bag 9, Midland WA 6936
Sales & Marketing: (08) 9377 9444
Parts: (08) 9377 9666
Service: (08) 9377 9555
Fax: (08) 9377 1791

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