Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oznium is an online retail store. We specialize in LED lighting. We enjoy serving many unique markets such as cars, motorcycles, boats, homes, gaming, and entertainment.

We've got a saying here at Oznium: "its not what you sell, but how you sell it". It wouldn't matter if we sold bread-makers or LED lights as long as

    * We are passionate about the product
    * We provide detailed product descriptions and photos
    * We make the order process efficient
    * We offer generous returns and 100% satisfaction guarantees

We give a 100% satisfaction guarantee because we are extremely confident you will be happy with the product. If we weren't, we could just sell it on eBay and disappear a few months after the sale. We're here to stay.

Oznium owns the FlowLighting brand which launched in 2004. This allows us to bypass many middle-men, bringing better values directly to you. We have full control of the product design as well.

Contact us:
Call us toll free: 866-332-6411
Fax: 925-215-4930

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