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Founder Hardy Day grew up in a small town in west Texas Called Knox City. At age 18, tired of picking cotton, Hardy went to Nashville and landed a job picking the stand up bass for Cowboy Copas on the grand ole opera. In the late 50's Hardy knew and mingled with all the best including Hank Williams 1st and Chet Atkins. Cowboy Copas died in a plane crash with Patsy cline in 1963. At the time Hardy had grown tired of a life on the road as a musician and needed a new career.

Hardy found work as a salesman in a business college and soon started San Diego college of business. After ten years or so he so

ld it. With plenty of Time on his hands Hardy was doing a lot of fishing in Baja California. In baja, there is not much electricity available and what was available was very unreliable. In 1977 Hardy was in the market for a Diesel generator for his place in Baja. Problem was there were no Diesel generators available on the market at that time that were reasonably priced. He decided to build his own small diesel generator. After he built his first diesel generator his friends all wanted one. Word spread and before he knew it, he was the world's largest direct supplier of small diesel generators. Only problem was he didn't have much time to fish. Luckily son Loren Day had already taken a real interest in the Diesel generator business. Diesel generators and engines had always been a good fit with Loren. Well before long Hardy was spending most of his time on the beach in Baja and Loren had taken over the Diesel generator business.

Seeing the need for alternative energy, in 2002 son Loren added Hardy Solar . Hardy Solar's primary focus is on renewable energy for on and off grid electric solar systems. The off grid hybrid systems we design include high quality Diesel generators that will start automatically when the sun doesn't shine. We also package grid tied solar systems integrated with back up generators.

Committed to our environment Hardy Diesel is an award wining ECO friendly establishment. We only sell clean running fuel efficient EPA certified Diesel Generators that meet the strictest emission standards in the world. There are a lot of companies selling cheap imported Diesel Generators that do not meet air pollution or mechanical quality standards. They are not much cheaper and often feature name brand engines such as Cummins, John Deer and Isuzu. We prefer to take the high road and for a little extra money only handle the real deal. So if you are looking for a top quality Diesel Generator at a price you can afford and from a company you can trust you have found the right place.

Contact us:
Add:Hardy Diesels & Equipment Inc.
15749 Lyons Valley Rd.
Jamul, CA. 91935
Toll Free: 800-341-7027
International: 619-669-1995
Fax: 619-669-4829


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