Monday, August 15, 2011


As the world is in the state of energy shortage, LED’s characteristics —energy-saving and environmental, make itself a larger and more extensive application space. As the 21st century new prominence of semiconductor industry, LED has entered into many fields gradually. With the continuous development of LED technology, it will replace traditional products and technologies gradually, and start the second revolution in the history of human display.

Chipshow has been presented at China Sourcing Fair during 12th to 15th October 2010. And the customers who take part in the LED exhibition reflect that our exhibitions are very good. They speak highly of our company and our products.

Our presented products are P15.5 led curtain screen, P6 LED display and LED tube. P15.5 led curtain screen is our main product and innovative product. Its design features are unique light, thin, transparent and energy saving. Hence, it offers wide and flexible application. It has high gray grade and high refresh frequency, which makes the video vivid. Its internal protection grade reaches as high as IP65. P15.5 led curtain screen is ourselves’ research and development of new product. We could say it has brought a burst of the hurricane to the whole LED market. The customers all over the world are very interested in P15.5 led curtain screen.

In addition, there are P6 LED display and LED tube, although they are not new, but their qualities are very good. So they are warmly welcomed by the domestic and overseas customers. Hereby, we would like to congratulate to Chipshow on this successful exhibition. Our company will keep up to develop more good LED products.

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