Tuesday, August 2, 2011


To achieve this we mix innovation with quality to offer a fantastic collection of sleeping products. The majority of these products are delivered direct from the factory, thereby removing unnecessary double handling, which ensures they arrive in pristine condition. And because we have no high street stores, warehousing or transport expenses, overheads are minimal, meaning you pay a fraction of the normal high street price (and that's a fact).

The idea for Sleeping Solutions was born in June 2001, whilst lying around a bed exhibition (it really is a hard life being a bed buyer!) then after many months (if not years) of real work, the site was launched in September 2004.

Our intention was to produce an engaging, comprehensive online bed shop where you can browse and view detailed information, choose your preferred comfort, purchase with confidence and escape the drudgery of the high street.

We know testing beds in high street showrooms is not only embarrassing but also seriously flawed.

A five-minute test, wrapped in your raincoat, staring face up at the ceiling, with an eager sales person hovering over you, does not help you find your ideal bed!

Whereas online you can make an informed purchase decision in your own time, and have 7 nights to properly decide whether your choice is the right one.

In summary we will save you money and provide an easier, risk free bed buying experience.
We look forward to supplying you with a great nights sleep.
Steve and the Sleeping Solutions team.

Contact us:
Tel:01424 428201
Fax:01424 443726
Post:Sleeping Solutions
Unit B Brook Way
Hastings East Sussex
TN35 4NN


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