Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Elemental LED began in 2008, as most Bay Area businesses do, in a garage. The friendship of Max Darling and Randy Holleschau, who are now our CEO and COO respectively, evolved to include an interest in a lighting technology that had been around for a while but was just starting to make an appearance in the realm of consumer products. (We’ve been told “Do Not Walk” by LEDs since the ‘60s!) It’s easy to see how they became obsessed with a technology that is energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and which also allows people to light their spaces in a way that you can’t with just any only light bulb. Yeah, when it comes to LEDs, you could say they’re lighting nerds, and that all of us at Elemental are lighting nuts.

Just as importantly, we’re people people. While we embrace the hi-tech age in which we live, we value and prioritize personal relationships above all—with one another and with you, the customer. Although we’ve moved out of the garage into an office—and moved again to a larger space in April 2010 to accommodate our growth—we’re still the same independently-owned company based in California that we’ve always been. When you call us with a question, or for help implementing your lighting vision with a custom project, you’ll not only get one of us on the phone, but we’ll take the time to make sure you know what to order and how it all fits together. Maintaining and encouraging an open, fluid dialogue about each project is what allows us to fearlessly and successfully explore the challenge of new lighting concepts and designs. Or to just finally get some more light onto your kitchen counters!

Our goal is not only to create and implement effective, affordable and adaptable lighting solutions to support you, your businesses and our planet, but also to listen to your concerns and work in a way that best fits your individual needs. At Elemental LED, we believe in making a difference by lighting the way for individuals, businesses and society as a whole.

Contact us:
Phone: 1.877.564.5051
Fax: 510.740.4457
Mailing Address/ In-Store Pickup:
Elemental LED
1195 Park Ave Ste. 211
Emeryville, CA 94608

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